Test Drive DebateAddict for Free!

We've created a demonstration account on the DebateAddict Research System just for you! You may login as an admin user or as a regular user and change anything you like. Just be aware that every two hours we will automatically undo any changes you make.

To use the demo account, go to the Login Screen and choose "Testing School -- Free Trial."

Then decide if you want to test-drive as an Admin user or a Regular user and enter the appropriate login and password. The Admin user's login defaults to admin and the password defaults to admin every two hours. The Regular usr's login defaults to guest and the password defaults to guest every two hours. Since anyone can change the passwords of these accounts, their usernames and passwords as of the time you loaded this page are displayed below.

Admin User:
Password: lockedout

Regular User:
Login: guest
Password: P@ssw0rd

If you run accross a page that says "Security Check Failure," it probably means that someone changed the password for the account that you are using. This is just an unfortunate side effect of having a fully-functional demo that anyone can use. If this happens to you, just come back to this page and get the new password. If all else fails, just come back after an "even" hour, central time (i.e. 12:00,2:00, etc...) and everything will be in place for you.

The DebateAddict Research System is simple enough that you should not need instructions, however if you do require help, choose "Customer Support" from the Help menu and we'll be glad to assist you.

And of course, once you've decided that you want to sign up for DebateAddict, you can do it right here on our website.


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