I owe a lot of the success of DebateAddict to the help of my friends and collegues. Some of the major contributors are:

Jan Weiss: for helping write the code for the original version (a.k.a. Card Server 2000).

Josh Capp: for writing the original CARD_TEXT parser and diligently debugging large volumes of code. Also, for introducing me to the DBI module and how to use it.

Joe Ducharme: the notorious webmaster whose knowledge of Apache and Perl proved to be invaluable in figuring out maticulious little server issues.

Creighton Debate: for putting up with kindergarten-level web design techniques in the days before pretty tables with those cute little black divider lines. Also for beta-testing the product, trusting me with their evidence, and providing valuable feedback.

Greg Ferrenstein: for providing valuable feedback.

Central Michigan University: for stepping up to the challenge of a year-long beta-testing program and providing valuable feedback.

David Dirgo: for systematically clicking every link, button, graphic, and widget (including several that I had forgotten about) to find and report all of the well-hiden bugs.

Gary Harmon and Matt Stannard: for putting up with shameless sales tactics and nonetheless letting me showcase DebateAddict at their debate camps.


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