DebateAddict Advantages


We tried for days to come up with ways to describe how cool the DebateAddict Research System is in the vernacular. Then we gave up because we couldn't resist describing this thing in the language to which we have all become accustomed. So without further ado, here's the ten advantages to using DebateAddict to cut your cards versus the old-fashioned way.

Advantage I: Never Leave Your cases at home again. With DebateAddict, all of your evidence is stored online. That way, in the event that you leave for the tournament with the latest versions of your case at home, you can download them anywhere you can find a computer with an internet connection.

Advantage II: Collaborate with your team. Your team can divide the research burden and all login to DebateAddict at the same time. That way if you're trying to cut updates at a tournament and you don't have a lot of time, you can easily assemble everyone's research into a brief and be ready to debate again in no time.

Advantage III: Keep your debaters up to date. DebateAddict tracks the date that each card is entered or updated. This means that debaters can either view all of the changes to the file since their last login, or print an update to any file for cards entered over any range of dates.

Advantage IV: Indexing. Each card has a unique serial number which makes it easy to write briefs and distinguish between them.

Advantage V: Friendly Competition. DebateAddict tracks the number of cards owned by each debater and displays a chart showing contributions.

Advantage VI: Increased Responsibility. DebateAddict prints the name of the debater who cut each card right next to the card on the brief. That way you will always know who to kill in the event that a card is mis-tagged or power-tagged and you get called on it.

Advantage VII: Saves Paper, Scissors, Tape, and Time. DebateAddict eliminates the need to print out original articles, cut out cards, tape them to briefs, tag the cards, and photocopy the briefs. Your parents and custodians will also love the fact that your confetti output will be significantly reduced by using DebateAddict.

Advantage VIII: Share Evidence with Others. DebateAddict allows member schools to share cards with other members. Your school's admin can share either your entire box, an individual topic, or an individual frontline with any other school that subscribes to DebateAddict. The other school can access your shared cards by just logging into the system.

Advantage IX: Never go Overtime. DebateAddict stores a speaking speed for each individual debater and counts the words in each card as they are entered. When a debater creates a brief, the system approximates the time it will take for the debater to read each card.

Advantage X: Backfiles, Backfiles, Backfiles. There is no limit to the amount of data you can store on DebateAddict. This means that you can keep your files year after year after year.